AppsForOps Expense Claim that “makes life so easy” is once again a GetApp Expense Management Category Leader

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AppsForOps Expense Claim is once again a GetApp Expense Management Category Leader.

AppsForOps Expense Claim is an expense management tool for businesses. The application allows any employee to digitally submit, track and get their expenses reimbursed. It allows for customisable levels of approval, digital receipt storage, full reporting and more.

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GetApp’s quarterly ranking showcases the top 25 Expense Management apps based in the cloud. Each app is scored using five factors, worth 20 points each, for a total possible score out of 100. These factors include user reviews, integrations, mobile app availability, media presence, and security. Each app’s score is independent of commercial interests and existing relationships that GetApp has with app vendors.

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AppsForOps for Employment Agencies, Temp Agencies & Staffing Companies

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Most agencies operate with the fundamental task of being the bridge between employers and job seekers. From the perspective of the employer, agencies save hours of time and stress. For job seekers, agencies are an experienced ally and effectively their employer.

Using an agency has several benefits. It allows companies to focus on their core business activities without having to spend large amounts of time on the recruiting and hiring process. It also allows them to mitigate payroll and tax risks since the agency is the one who pays the employee.

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The scenario

In the above scenario let’s assume that there are the following people involved:

  • Adam Agency
  • Eve Employee
  • Connie Company

Here is how this plays out:

  • Connie Company use Adam Agency to find employees for them.
  • Adam Agency put forward Eve Employee who is an ideal fit for Connie Company.
  • Eve Employee gets hired for the role and although she works at Connie Company she is actually paid by Adam Agency.
  • Eve Employee needs to submit weekly timesheets for the hours that she has worked and these need to be approved by Connie Company.
  • Once approved by Connie Company, Eve Employee submits the approved timesheet to Adam Agency.
  • Adam Agency then uses the approved timesheets as the basis for the payroll run and what he needs to pay Eve Employee.

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How this is done out there today

In many scenarios, this is all either paper based or all done via email and an example of how this generally works is as follows:

  • Eve Employee prints out her timesheet template and fills it in with the hours that she has worked.
  • Eve Employee gets this to Connie Company and asks her to approve the timesheet.
  • Once approved, Eve Employee scans this timesheet in and posts, faxes or scans this and sends it to Adam Agency.
  • Adam Agency then files the paperwork and processes the payroll accordingly.

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The problem

In the above scenario, there is lots of paperwork involved and lots of manual steps. To get a full audit trail of who approved what, when, is hard. What happens if Connie Company is travelling, off on sick leave, out of the office or loses the paper timesheet that was on her desk. If Adam Agency has a query on the approved timesheet and needs to query this it involves calls, faxes or emails. What if Connie Company forgets to approve the timesheet, does Eve Employee not get paid.

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Finding a better way

The good news is that there is definitely a better way to handle the above and make the work flow, enter AppsForOps.

  • Adam Agency signs up for AppsForOps.
  • Adam Agency onboards Connie Company.
  • Adam Agency converts Connie Company to an AppsForOps Standard User.
  • This will allow Connie Company to just get access to My Task List where she can view and approve Expense Claims and Timesheets submitted by Eve Employee.
  • Adam Agency onboards Eve Employee as an employee in AppsForOps.
  • Adam Agency converts Eve Employee to an AppsForOps Standard User and give her access to Expense Claim, My Profile, Scheduler and Timesheet.
  • This will allow Eve Employee to log any expenses, maintain her personal details including bank account information and the like and view when she is scheduled to work at Connie Company.

No more paper. No more manual steps. All digital. All automated. Available anytime, anywhere.

Watch the solution in action

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2 great new additions to the AppsForOps Mobile App

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Ever wanted to fully manage your Expense Claim or Time Off processes straight from the AppsForOps Mobile App? Now you can.

The latest version of the AppsForOps Mobile App now allows you to do the following:

Expense Claim

  • Submit your Expense Claim drafts
  • Fully manage your Expense Claim drafts including creating, editing and deleting Expense Claim Line items
  • View your submitted Expense Claims including having the ability to clone, recall or cancel

Time Off

  • View your submitted Time Off requests including having the ability to recall or cancel

Download the latest version of the AppsForOps Mobile App now.


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Digital Transformation: What is it and why is it important?

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What is digital transformation exactly?  Are you and your company embracing it? And if you’re not, should you be?

There is no doubt that one of the buzz words in the business world today is digital transformation.

If you’re a small-to-medium sized business (SMB) you may not be familiar with the term, so what exactly is digital transformation?

In broad terms, many define it as using digital technology to enable innovation and revolutionise outdated business models and processes. Digital transformation could also be described as the application of digital technologies to fundamentally impact all aspects of business and society.

In today’s world technology is evolving at a very fast pace and this evolution brings new innovations which leads to what we call technology disruptions. Such advancement in technology is changing the way we work, live and do business.

So is digital transformation important for SMB’s?

One thing is clear no matter the size of your business: Technology has impacted all aspects of business and society which means that what has traditionally worked in the past may not necessarily guarantee future success.

The way in which we interact with both our customers and employees has also changed – everyone expects more information and/or results delivered in a faster manner and people are more dependant on mobile devices than ever before.  If a service can be delivered in an app format, even better.

It is no longer about the survival of the fittest but about survival of the most agile and the most adaptable.

So how can SMB’s keep up?

The good news is that there is no better time for SMB’s to embrace digital transformation. They are in a unique position to succeed in this highly competitive environment and this is thanks to technology.

Technology is now more accessible than ever. SMB’s can get access to the same technology that a multinational has access to which has made the playing field a lot more even and has opened up a new world of opportunity and business growth for SMB’s. Additionally, due to their size, SMB’s are naturally able to respond quicker to change.

Digital transformation has major implications for how SMB’s manage, run and extract value from their people, processes and customers.

Choosing the right technology can help SMB’s to better leverage their competitive advantage. They do however also need to set up their business, their processes and their ways of working in a flexible, agile way so that they can make the most of new opportunities as they present themselves.

So where do I start?

Technology helps large, multinational companies run like clockwork and nowadays having access to this technology is also attainable and accessible to SMB’s. Moreover, it can massively accelerate their digital transformation efforts.

Optimising digital experiences for their customers can only be created if an SMB has digitised their own operating processes.

Technology can enable SMB’s to achieve things that they previously thought were not possible: from uncovering new revenue streams to automating routine business processes to get time back in their day.  This allows SMB’s to focus more on things that matter – making money rather than pushing paperwork.

This is why implementing technology to run and automate your business is often the first and most important step for SMB’s in their digital transformation journey.

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Some cool new tech we showed off at Microsoft Build 2017

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We recently showed off some of the cool new tech that we have been working on at the Microsoft Build Tour.

Enough already, show me the demos.

What is Microsoft Build

Microsoft Build is an annual conference event held by Microsoft, aimed towards software engineers and web developers using Windows, Windows Phone, Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft technologies.

The Microsoft Build Tour was set up by Microsoft to bring the best of Microsoft Build right to users around the world.

There were around 1,000 people in attendance at the Sydney event and we showed off some of the work we have been doing around Chatbots.

What is a Chatbot

Chatbots Magazine describes a Chatbot as follows:

A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a chat interface. The service could be any number of things, ranging from functional to fun, and it could live in any major chat product (Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Text Messages, etc.).

What have we been working on

We have been working on two Chatbots:

AppsForOps Bot

  • AppsForOps Bot allows a user who is signed up to the AppsForOps platform to list and action their tasks via a chat based interface.
  • You can find AppsForOps Bot in Facebook Messenger, Skype, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams or in a web interface.
  • We also showcased some work we have been doing which will allow customers to call AppsForOps Bot and action tasks using a voice interface.

Ask Michelle Bot

  • Ask Michelle is our customer service bot.
  • When a user talks with Ask Michelle they can get access to a variety of information: from learning more about AppsForOps, to getting pricing information, attending a webinar or even asking a specific question.
  • If Ask Michelle does not know the answer she will automatically loop in one of our Community Managers who can make sure your questions get answered.

What did we show

You can watch all the demos here:

AppsForOps Bot Demo

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Skype call to AppsForOps Bot Demo

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Ask Michelle Bot Demo

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AppsForOps Demo at Microsoft Build

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More Information


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As close as it gets to a crystal ball in tech: Mary Meeker’s annual trends report

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The AppsForOps Wednesday Weekly Webinar

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Join us for our popular 30 minute live demonstration on how AppsForOps can help you run a better business.

This webinar is perfect for those who want to explore AppsForOps for the first time. You’ll be taken on a tour of the best features and how they can help you run a better business.

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What AppsForOps being Ready for Windows means for you

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The Microsoft Ready for Windows website lists software solutions that are supported and in use for Windows 10. It is intended for companies and organisations worldwide who are considering Windows 10 for their deployments. This site leverages data from commercial Windows 10 installs to provide companies the information to help them upgrade with confidence.

So now that AppsForOps is Ready for Windows you are guaranteed that AppsForOps is at the forefront of Reliability and Innovation on the Microsoft Platform.

You can view more details here:

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AppsForOps automates several common business processes in a digital workplace with the global scale of Microsoft Azure

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Time and money are unquestionably the two most valuable resources for small and medium businesses (SMBs). As the allocation of these resources to technology becomes more of a priority in the digital economy, transformation projects, depending on their scale, can make or break a small business’s bottom line. It begs the question, how can SMBs respond effectively and nimbly to the new requirements of their staff in a digital workplace, stay agile, streamline their operations and remain competitive?

AppsForOps aims to increase efficiencies for small and medium businesses by providing a suite of integrated business apps that automate their business operations. End users can access these apps anytime, anywhere. AppsForOps customers can start with the full suite of apps or start with one and grow to more. Examples of applications are Expense Claim, Expense Pre-approval, Invoice, Receipt & Bill, Scheduler, Time Off, Timesheet and Travel Request management and more.

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Built on Microsoft Azure and integrated with Microsoft Office 365, AppsForOps enables SMBs to focus on what they do best, reducing the time and money spent on the admin-heavy, yet critical back end that keeps their businesses ticking along.

Azure provides AppsForOps the flexibility to evolve as needs change and the ability to scale. Using Azure means that AppsForOps can deliver a reliable and highly available service while benefiting from enterprise-grade security.

From dairy farmers in New Zealand to charities in Canada, to IT consultancies and architectural firms in Australia, diverse SMBs globally are responding to and embracing Sydney-based, AppsForOps’ integrated digital workplace.

“All of these apps are seamlessly integrated, which means no more challenges with data across multiple systems or users having to go log in to multiple places to get their work done.” – Rudi van der Walt, Director of Sales and Marketing, SourceCode

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The Problem:

  • Small and medium businesses (SMBs) spend a huge amount of time on manual execution of tasks and business processes using paper, spreadsheets, email and standalone application-driven interaction between team members.
  • Modern day end users know better, and employees value automation efforts and having access to mobile apps to get their work done.
  • SMBs generally do not have the time, budget or IT resources to solve some of these day-to-day problems in-house.
  • While several vendors offer solutions in this space, most of the offerings are narrowly focused and do not lend themselves to offering a well-integrated experience.
  • Things get lost, visibility is low, and data exists in silos. Lots of time is wasted at significant cost to the business. Time and money are two of any business’s most valuable resources.

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The Solution:

  • AppsForOps aims to increase efficiencies for businesses by providing a suite of integrated business apps that end users can could access anytime, from anywhere.
  • AppsForOps is a feature-rich intranet with several powerful workflow-enabled apps that can be configured to adapt to the way each business likes to run its daily operations.
  • Examples of applications are Expense Claim, Expense Pre-approval, Invoice, Receipt & Bill, Scheduler, Time Off, Timesheet and Travel Request management and more.
  • It’s an intranet filled with valuable capabilities such as a staff directory, business dashboards, shared calendars and apps for task management, opinion polls and company news.
  • Customers access the applications using a cloud-based portal or via a mobile app.
  • AppsForOps customers can start with the full suite of apps or start with one and grow to more. The applications work seamlessly together and are also designed to stand alone.

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The applications are configurable to suit the needs of each business and can be tailored to suit different workflows and levels of approvals using visual prompts, with no coding required.

AppsForOps enables small and medium organisations to run better businesses with a near-zero time to value experienced by most of our customers. The founders of AppsForOps are highly experienced in the discipline of business process automation and have a passion for finding better ways to get things done in small and medium size organisations.

Learn More

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Additional Information

If you would like more information about this topic, press only:
Shaun Leisegang (CEO & Co-Founder) at +61 2 9936 2222 or email at

Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on AppsForOps, please visit

The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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You asked for them. We listened. Check out some exciting new AppsForOps features.

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Here are some of the exciting news AppsForOps features that have just been released:

  • My Calendar
    • Overlay AppsForOps Calendar over your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Expense Claim
    • Use Distance Calculator to automatically add car travel to your Expense Claim
  • Timesheet
    • GPS tracking and Clock In and Clock Out functionality is now available

My Calendar

You now have the ability to overlay your AppsForOps Calendar on your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

Head over to AppsForOps Calendar and select the appropriate link.

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Expense Claim

We have now add a Distance Calculator option in AppsForOps Expense Claim.

To automatically track and add distance to an Expense Claim, simply click the Distance Calculator button.

Enter your Origin and your Destination Address and the estimated distance traveled is automatically calculated for you.

You have the option to select an individual or return trip.

The Expense Claim line item is automatically added to your Expense Claim.

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AppsForOps Timesheet now has GPS Tracking capability .

You also now have ability to Clock In and Clock Out when using AppsForOps Timesheet.

Simply use the “Start a Timer/Clock In” button when you begin work.

Click Stop when you are finished work or head for a break.

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